Re: New Spell Ideas - Druidicism

Walt Pesch (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 19:27:13 -0600

My other idea (and this is probably more geared towards game two <hint,
hint!>) is that other magic systems could be used to complement the current

I would like to see a system for Druidicism, nature priests. Some thoughts
that come to my mind include:
- warping wood to make pikes & bows (without yew)
- herbal healing
- weather magic
- tracking & concelaing tracks
- plant animation (Ent Warriors)
- as an advanced skill, gating from forest to forest with minimal possessions.

Anyways, I'm sure that a list could quickly be developed that would
encompass a magic system just as evolved as the current more traditional
magic system. And it would add a nice twist to a second game rather than
having the same tricks.

Btw, game one is biased towards Elves. I want some dwarves in game two!
Not too mention the Grand Prize of that one Dwarven City with the Real Big
Dragon (and horde). It is too bad that there is no inherant role-play in
the game system, for imagine the feud between the Druids and the Dwarves
that ensued when the first chain-saw was invented... :-)

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