Re: Something I Don't Like

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 01:26:49 -700 (PDT)

Seems like a reasonable way to not let moving be a pure escape, but to
not have it be that you are at someone's mercy until you got _into_ the
next province. And not too hard to implement. But I can see ways to try
to work around it, like:

Fritz the Overzealous [x1x] is 5 days out of a province, I want to nail him.
Attack x1x
Attack x1x
Attack x1x
Attack x1x

If each gets an independent check, then it's nothing more than my needing
to type it and copy it enough to make the odds nearly certain that I'll
catch him.

Now, it might be easy enough to note that x1x is out of my stack leader's
reach, and set a flag for that for the day....

But then I might try
Attack x1x
promote noble2
and noble 2 orders Attack x1x

So maybe the flag sets for every noble in the stack. That would make it
harder to attack him with a large stack, but several smaller stacks could
defend each other and still attempt to attack him if he's really small,
relatively. It's at least closer.

Last option there is to letthe first attempt to attack him set the flag
for every other noble in the province, with the option that the flag is
for the day only, or that the one attempt is all that anyone faces in
departing a province, and that if you avoid that, no other noble in that
province can attack you.

On Mon, 12 Sep 1994 wrote:

> Adding in my two pence (g);
> Something I thought of was perhaps changing the way movement affects combat -
> maybe make it so that if you ARE moving when attacked, there is a CHANCE that
> you'll get away - perhaps based on a formula like (number of days for move
> *10) = % chance you will be intercepted. This takes into account the fact
> that it's a hell of a lot easier to run away into plains than it is in Big
> Huge Mountains...
> Of course, a minimum "get away" percentage would be good, say 10% no matter
> what...
> Comments, anyone?
> Tony

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