Re: Minor Timing problem with selling?

Jay Gischer (
Sun, 11 Sep 94 22:47:12 -0700

Patrick McLaughlin writes:
> Recruitment is not 1 per faction, it's one per noble.
Paying one noble sitting around for a month to get 1 peasant is not a
good deal. I submit it seems like a big deal to those people who
aren't getting any, but they would need to do something else to get
some anyway.

> As BtA was sitting at the top of the list in the IC, any friendly can
> stack with you, unstack and be just under you. SO you can ensure that
> all the peasants go to yourself and allies. Not a big deal in
> itself--EXCEPT that it starves the new players of peasants in the safe
> haven, the people who are supposed to get the advantage of the area.
The price of visibility, it seems, is heavy.

I postulate that even if we allowed factions who had been in the game
for five turns or less to recruit in the IC, it wouldn't help much.
There would still be too many people there. So fixing the "BtA
problem", doesn't actually help many people.
Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't more people selling peasants in
the IC. In fact maybe I ... Ummm. Never mind. I just had an idea...

> Ditto wood (etc). Only it takes workers.
You will note that in my original posting, I thought this was more
serious than the recruitment problem. The solution I proposed was to
make only the city safe, not the surrounding province. Comments?

> As for PCTFG, it might make more sense -- to me -- to bar it for all but
> new factions, and allow it once only in hte safe haven.
I don't see why we need to introduce more rules. Splitting it between
mages on a per-day basis seems a reasonable idea, and strikes other
perceived problems with PCTFG.

I also think that by the time you learn PCTFG, you might not be a new
factions for very much longer. Why not ban it altogether in safe
haven? I think the "new faction special deal" type rules are too open
to abuse, via restarts, friends, etc.


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