Re: Roads again

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 13:18:47 -700 (PDT)

Excellent point. Should roads be break even? Make money? (Remembering
that there is some sort of low grade NPC economy that is going on, the
roads ought to have some income regardless of PCs...).

On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Thomas Hudson wrote:

> > OK, that makes sense. How about making each level of road cost the equivalent
> > of a castle (ie., half what I proposed)? I'd still reccommend it decline
> > one level each year. But how about having each level of road increase the
> > civ level of a province by 1? That would help a lot in encouraging people
> > to make the effort to build and maintain them.
> Simple economics time - 1 level of civ is worth no more than $50/month.
> (For a castle province - there _may_ be ways to get $10 extra if you
> have an inn as well, etc). Half the level of workers is still 40 workers,
> costing $80 a month. Thus, I'm spending money, plus noble time, for the
> road, for a minor strategic benefit.
> If you've garrisoned the surrounding provinces, every two levels of road
> give 1 level of civ to an adjacent province, so a garrison in each
> gives you $40, which _does_ mostly offset the cost of the road - but this
> still means we end up with roads in a castle province and nowhere else.
> Personally, there are places I'd like to put in roads, but unless they're
> economically feasible, I suspect they aren't worth it for strategic reasons.
> Tom

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