Re: Roads again

Thomas Hudson (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 15:47:05 -0400 (EDT)

> OK, that makes sense. How about making each level of road cost the equivalent
> of a castle (ie., half what I proposed)? I'd still reccommend it decline
> one level each year. But how about having each level of road increase the
> civ level of a province by 1? That would help a lot in encouraging people
> to make the effort to build and maintain them.

Simple economics time - 1 level of civ is worth no more than $50/month.
(For a castle province - there _may_ be ways to get $10 extra if you
have an inn as well, etc). Half the level of workers is still 40 workers,
costing $80 a month. Thus, I'm spending money, plus noble time, for the
road, for a minor strategic benefit.

If you've garrisoned the surrounding provinces, every two levels of road
give 1 level of civ to an adjacent province, so a garrison in each
gives you $40, which _does_ mostly offset the cost of the road - but this
still means we end up with roads in a castle province and nowhere else.

Personally, there are places I'd like to put in roads, but unless they're
economically feasible, I suspect they aren't worth it for strategic reasons.


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