Re: Old players in safe havens

Ed Bailey (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 14:40:04 -0500

John Morrow ( writes:
> I was looking for a generic solution that (A) makes it easier for
> newbies to get a slice of all the pies in a "safe haven" and (B)
> makes it less tempting for older players to stick around.

One solution is to change the meaning of "safe haven".

I would suggest that a "safe haven" only provide protection to newbies,
arbitrarily defined as anyone who has been in less than (for example)
a year.

To the older players, it would be like any other province.

Hence players would have a *large* incentive to move out (the same population
pressure is there, but without the safety) -- and newbies might actually be
able to get something done.

This is probably too large a change to make in a running game, but I would
recommend it for Game #2.

...approaching it from the other end....

Perhaps Rich could add a "NEWBIE" flag. The flag could not be reset, but
while on players could not be attacked or stolen from. [Except, probably,
by NPCs] Of course, they also couldn't attack or build structures. The
flag would automatically unset after a time, to prevent weenies from hiding.

Ed Bailey

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