Re: I hate Oly's permissions system

Scott Turner (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 11:56:56 -0700

> MASK 0/1 whether or not you display your faction affiliation
> DECLARE <attitude> <who>
> attitude meaning
> -------- -------
> hostile HOSTILE
> neutral
> cooperative allow stack, admit to building
> friendly ???
> ally DEFEND

Can I suggest changing over to a set of attitudes with more specific
meanings, i.e.,

attitude meaning
-------- -------
attack attack them automatically
defend defend them automatically
accept accept GIVEs
noaccept don't accept GIVEs
stack allow them to stack
nostack don't allow them to stack
admit admit them to buildings
noadmit don't admit them

The idea here would be to permit multiple attitudes, i.e., you might
declare yourself to DEFEND, STACK and ADMIT with one faction but only
DEFEND and ADMIT with another, and so on, rather than having things
like "cooperative" which mean a combination of attitudes.

-- Scott T.

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