Re: Something I Don't Like

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 10:45:12 -700 (PDT)

The only mechanism I can suggest--having used the Attack, Attack, Attack
scheme to ensure that Jambalayan bandits got nailed--is that a successful
retreat would literally mean that. That it would interrupt the rest of
your turn's movement, and you would flee in a random direction, one
province, getting there without the Attacker getting to interfere. A
distinct group, I suppose, could still attack. It's flawed too, but it
has the flavor of reality, the beaten, hurt, exhausted losers scattering
intot he brush to regroup (after the rest of the month) in another province.

On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Scott Turner wrote:

> Here's something I don't like about the Oly combat system. I didn't
> like it in Ancient Oly and I still don't like it.
> Suppose I cruise into a province with my Big Killer Stack and I want
> to capture/kill the Unfortunate Victim Stack. If I expect to win this
> battle and I'm smart, what I'll do is issue 10 or so attack commands.
> If I win the first battle, I'm very likely to win all the ensuing
> battles, and in those ensuing battles I'll capture anyone who escaped
> the first battle. And if I lose the first battle, my force is
> probably in tatters anyway, so I might as well kill it off with the 9
> subsequent attacks before the next turn, when the Unfortunate Victim
> Stack is going to retaliate before I can flee the province.
> A second problem is that it takes a long time to leave a province.
> Even if the Unfortunate Victim Stack somehow manages to avoid capture,
> the Big Killer Stack is going to hammer it again at the beginning of
> the next month unless Unfortunate Victim Stack just happened to be
> leaving the province the month of the attack.
> The result is that it is very difficult to flee from battle.
> Occasionally you'll see someone accomplish it, but for the most part
> battles are to the death.
> I don't have anything useful or constructive to say about this. Maybe
> the system is fine as it is, but I don't like it. It seems to me that
> there ought to be some reasonable, realistic chance for survivors to
> flee from a battle.
> -- Scott T.

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