Re: Live Stock

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 10:38:29 -700 (PDT)

On considering, I think I agree. For horses being used for knights, the
knights' expense includes a cost that can be seen as warmount
maintenance. I'm not inclined to support tinkering with this as many
people have already headed down paths that presume animals feed
themselves. After all, nobles feed themselves (no maintenance costs), so....

On Thu, 8 Sep 1994, Nazgul wrote:

> >> I would have thought that horses would also attract a maintenance charge.
> >> Perhaps 1 gold for each horse and 2 gold for each warmount. Knights look
> >> after their own mounts and so would not attract extra maintenance.
> >
> >Perhaps all animals should require a flat 1 gold/turn for maintenance.
> I'm against this. As someone else pointed out, horses are already expensive
> enough to produce in noble time. And if fighting beasts required maintanence,
> it would make building a castle pretty much a requirement, since only land
> taxes would be able to support an army. Right now, building an army out of
> beasts allows one to choose a low-cost alternative to warfare.
> Marlin

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