Re: Market order cancelling

C.M. Yearsley (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 15:08:27 +0100 (BST)

> It's your disappointment at not being able to buy warmounts for 1 gold,
> vs. the seller's at having made a stupid mistake in their last turn.
> Agreed that it would be nice if we could eliminate both disappointments,
> but, having to choose, I'd let the seller correct their mistake.


Is there, however, a possibility that the change might allow other
tricks; someone offers to sell me 'x' if I do 'y' and sure enough, 'x'
appears for sale. I order 'y', and buy the article - but find that it
was snatched away before I could buy it....

I want to delay someone's plans for a turn. I offer them the stone
(say) I know they require, and it duly appears for sale, along with
other stone from random nobles, who are selling at a higher, normal,
price. My victim puts in a buy order at my price, I withdraw the stone
from sale, his buy fails because everyone else's stone costs more, he
loses a turn.

I see something - cheap warhorses, say - I'd like, but I'm only half
way up the list. I happen to have something - anything - valuable. I
advertise the 'magic spear of wossname' for an attractive, yet still
costly, price. Just possibly potential warhorse buyers divert their
money to my spear, 'promoting' me a little. Obviously I instantly
withdraw the spear from sale.

Does anyone think this soft of thing could happen? I'm just wildly
speculating....perhaps adding the chance for more sneakiness is


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