Re: Minor Timing problem with selling?

Tim Whalen (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 06:56:35 -0700

This would be, in my opinion, a bad change to make. Reflect on the clay
pot market in Imperial City. If the pole position player is allowed to
reset his bid at the start of each month it completely takes away the
fun of trying to guess the price for next month. It won't really change
the market that much since there will just be a bidding war at the beginning
of the month but it's kind of nice to know whether you'll make the sale or
not based on your last turn report. In my opinion the player who started
this thread made a stupid mistake and this is not the way to fix it.

My aggressive pre-bid on some horses in Aethelarn early in the game was a
key factor, perhaps *the* key factor in allowing me to be where I am a year
later. I'd hate for this to be taken away since it's just yet another perk
of being first on a city list and there are probably already too many
advantages to being firstest already.


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