Re: Faction Identification

Patrick McLaughlin (
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 17:33:38 -700 (PDT)

GIven all the allies I have... I can't help but agree.

One of my first actions after getting back a turn these days is to postt
a message to all allies asking _who_ the following persons are? So that
I know whether to ask them what they are doing here, or try to figure out
who they are....

Being able to identify allies who are not trying to disguise themselves
would be an admirable addition. I think. <G>

On Tue, 6 Sep 1994, Scott Turner wrote:

> One difficulty in forming alliances with someone in Olympia is that,
> short of exchanging complete lists of units via e-mail and maintaining
> a database, you don't actually know what units the other faction has.
> A strange unit shows up on your doorstep and you attack it not
> realizing it belongs to your ally. This is a bit perplexing since
> you'll come to the DEFENSE of that unit if they're attacked --
> implying that you actually know that unit's faction.
> My suggestion is that if two alliances have mutual DEFEND orders, then
> faction information should be revealed. So if I DEFEND faction [3xy]
> and [3xy] DEFENDs me, then in my turn report I see something like:
> > Seen here:
> > John Thumb [333], with two peasants, ten sailors, faction [3xy]
> Note that if you want to have a particular unit conceal its faction
> identity, you can simply have that unit issue NEUTRAL toward the
> faction you are hiding it from. So I don't think there's any loss of
> sneakiness from the current system; it only makes it easy to cooperate
> (which I think would be a good thing).
> -- Scott T.

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