Faction Identification

Scott Turner (srt@sun-dimas.aero.org)
Tue, 6 Sep 1994 16:50:11 -0700

One difficulty in forming alliances with someone in Olympia is that,
short of exchanging complete lists of units via e-mail and maintaining
a database, you don't actually know what units the other faction has.
A strange unit shows up on your doorstep and you attack it not
realizing it belongs to your ally. This is a bit perplexing since
you'll come to the DEFENSE of that unit if they're attacked --
implying that you actually know that unit's faction.

My suggestion is that if two alliances have mutual DEFEND orders, then
faction information should be revealed. So if I DEFEND faction [3xy]
and [3xy] DEFENDs me, then in my turn report I see something like:

> Seen here:
> John Thumb [333], with two peasants, ten sailors, faction [3xy]

Note that if you want to have a particular unit conceal its faction
identity, you can simply have that unit issue NEUTRAL toward the
faction you are hiding it from. So I don't think there's any loss of
sneakiness from the current system; it only makes it easy to cooperate
(which I think would be a good thing).

-- Scott T.

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