Give ALL

Jay Gischer (
Tue, 6 Sep 94 16:34:27 -0700

I think it would be very helpful to be able to have one noble give
all of his or her stuff to another noble. Currently, you can give all
of one type of item, but not all your items.

There are a couple of reasons I think this would be useful. First,
there are some situations where I think it saves you some
order-writing, even if you don't actually want to give everything.
Give ALL, then the other noble GIVEs back the stuff that wasn't
wanted. Probably less useful with nobles not known to be trustworthy.

The second use is when you think you are likely to get an item, but
you don't know what it is, or at least what it's ID number is.
Suppose I know that Foo the Feckless has an item of Orc control. I
combine with some nobles to attack Foo the Feckless. By prior
arrangement, Alfred will lead the attack (stack head) but Beatrice
will get the item. With GIVE ALL, Alfred can hand over the item to
Beatrice, and they can go their separate ways on the same turn as the
attack. Under the current system, Alfred will have to wait till the
end of the month to find what the item ID is, and then give it to
Beatrice next month. Not too great a burden, I admit, but still a
useful command which does little harm, as far as I can see.


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