Re: Floating Markets Revisited

John Morrow (
Fri, 26 Aug 94 14:45:39 EDT

>Of course, with a computer it's easy to generate the demands on the
>fly, rather than having a preset pool. An adaptation of this model
>might be to select a portion of the cities (say, 50%) to have demands,
>and limit a city to one active demand at a time. When a demand is
>met, return the city to the inactive demand pool, and pick a new city,
>then create a demand for one of the goods that city trades (which I
>think just means install another BUY order at a slightly higher

This could be used to augment, not replace the current system. Each
city would have two kinds of demands -- low profit constant demands
for common items (e.g. baskets, pots, linen, etc.) and high profit
temporary demands for luxury items that could be satiated (e.g. rose
perfume, etc.). Each city would have one or more constant demands and
may get a temporary demand from a pool that would expire when the
demand was satisfied. The set of goods demanded should be a fixed set
to make sure that every city doesn't suddenly want rose perfume -- or
that none ever do but prices and quantities can vary. This would be a
good flip-side to the cities producing goods and it would simulate a
market that can "dry up". This would allow players to pick either
slow, constant trade or high risk trade (or a combination).

John Morrow

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