Re: Floating Markets Revisited

Scott Turner (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 09:49:29 -0700

>I stand by the statement. IF manipulation is not effective BECAUSE the
>price changes are so small, THEN neither are the price changes
>significant in the game.

Stand by it, David! But that's not what I was replying to. I was
replying to your statement:

> If [price changes] are large enough as to significantly impact on
> strategy, then they are large enough for manipulation to be
> worthwhile.

Since I quoted this exactly in my message, I don't see why you're
confused. As I said, I don't understand what this means, if anything.
And please don't explain the other half of your statement to me again.
I understood it (and agreed with it) the first time.

I *think* that you believe that a floating market is a bad game design
because it can be manipulated in a bad way by the players. If that's
the case, I'd like to hear your reasoning. I've posted a simulation
you can use as a strawman. I'd love to hear one solid reason or one
example of how the floating market can be abused.

-- Scott T.

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