Re: Roads?

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 13:20:38 -700 (PDT)

I'd agree that the Roman roads are the model. But the Romans spent a LOT
of effort on their roads. I simply don't see that 100 men with a load of
stone have the material to build much of a road. The stone for a castle
is a good comparison....

OTOH, unless roads bring significant benefits, that is (as David points
out) too expensive.

Roads were a way to move troops fast--for Rome, and us (that is why our
freeway system was built, BTW). They also turned out to be a great boon
for commerce. I suggest that cities on roads would be better markets
(add buy/sell items?), and that they would have a great effect on a CIV
level. Face it, a tower, or castle, even, adds less "civilization" than
a major road and the things that spring up along it.

I guess that for sake of ease, I support the idea that random events (and
winters!!) should damage structures of all sorts, requiring repairs... or
triggering a decline into a pile of rubble, not unlike the collapse of a

For a road, it just gets worse and worse, and then is no longer
effectively a road--the potholes, etc., become more trouble than going

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