Re: Roads?

John Morrow (
Thu, 25 Aug 94 13:39:17 EDT

>Dirt roads and stone roads...

>But _WOOD_ roads?

>I know this was done inside some towns where there was available lumber
>nearby--at least in the modern era--but not long distance, that I know of.

There were quite a few "corduroy" roads (think of the ridges in the
fabric) in Colonial America -- toll roads, too... ;-) And yes, the
could go for quite a distance. Remember that some of the early
railroads had wooden rails, too...

Before people start complaining about the "reality" of roads between
all the cities or this kind of road or that, I think they should look
at the Roman Empire (arguably, the most accomplished road builders of
the ancient world). There is life outside the "Dark Ages" of Medieval
Europe. The Romans had a vast network of stone roads between many of
their cities -- not to mention the aquaducts, bridges, and walls. If
you didn't know any better, you might think the idea of a wall across
Scotland -- or around China for that matter -- is a pretty
unbelievable idea but both were done with minimal technology (hmmmm,
giant stone walls to cut OFF travel between locations -- there's an
idea for a 1000 stone structure that might actually get built... :-).
Likewise, if someone wants to invest the time on covering their lands
with roads, let them. But remember and invading army can use them, as
well. But I do think they should wear out...

As for types of roads, I think one kind (stone) is enough. It would
be more complicated to add other types of roads, make them more common
if, say, dirt roads are easier to build, and I'm not sure how much it
would add to the game...

John Morrow

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