Re: roads

Patrick McLaughlin (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 08:59:17 -700 (PDT)

I think David's effort level is in the right ballpark. THe amount of
stone is too low. Roads devour material.

I'd also point out that roads are of more benefit the harder the terrain
is to move across normally. SO rather than a fixed -2 days, I'd urge
that there be a table ranging from -1 or -2 days to -3 to -4 days, as the
terrain gets harder to move through.

More material, incidently, as in about 10 times as much. And given how
important roads are to trade, I'd suggest that each road in a province is
worth 0.25, _plus_ 0.25 for each road that connects to one of those roads
in an adjacent province. Nothing like a road to ruin perfectly good
wilderness <G>.

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