David desJardins (
Thu, 25 Aug 94 00:12:42 EDT

People keep saying "very expensive" for building roads. I'm not sure if
my idea of "very expensive" is someone else's idea of "cheap," so just
to be definite, here is a proposal:

kind effort material skill where
---- ------ -------- ----- -----
road 1,000 100 stone 125* land province

* (optionally, Roadbuilding could be a new subskill of Construction)

Effect: building a road in a province reduces the base travel time to
any adjacent land province which also has a road by 2 days. Thus, at
normal walking rate, plains provinces would take 5 days to reach, desert
and forest provinces 6 days, and mountain provinces 8 days. Both
provinces must have roads for there to be any benefit.

A road contributes 0.25 to the civ level of its province for each
adjacent road province (thus, a maximum of 1.0 if all adjacent provinces
have roads).

David desJardins

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