Re: Common Magic

Scott Turner (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 10:58:26 -0700

Tom Hudson writes:
>In the spirit of [David's] objection, this is a _huge_ reduction in
>earning potential to pull in the middle of a game. (Can you detect
>that I'm more-or-less dependant on 9103 at the moment?)

Jay Gischer writes:
> I would be unhappy with this because I have made plans based on the
> premise that I can Perform Common tasks in the wilderness.

I don't think the argument "I'm using this bug, so don't take it away"
is very forceful.

I don't think the argument "oh, the NP cost is a major drawback" is
very forceful when it comes from players who obviously don't find it
to be a major drawback. How many of your nobles have Perform Common

However, it's clear that if a change was made, it would have to be
done carefully or slowly, since people have obviously been exploiting
this "feature", and I don't think it is right to yank that away from
them with no warning.

David desJardins writes:
>"Balance" is subjective. It's impossible to justify with "reasons."


Olympia is intended to be a game which promotes and permits a wide
variety of playing styles, tactics and strategies. There should not
be an obviously best short-term tactic for generating money. Perform
Common Magic accounts for ~50% of the income generation in the game.
It's unbalanced, and you should quit trying to say it isn't unless you
have some reasons.

But ignoring "subjective" versus "objective", I invite you again to
compare common magic with [1] inns, [2] temples and [3] trade, and
show how the four things are roughly equivalent. You don't have to
give any "reasons"; just show that each source of income offers
equivalent income for expenses (noble points, time, money, movement).

If, on the other hand, all you are saying is "I'm exploiting this and
I'm gonna be pissed if it goes away" that's another matter entirely.
I think the game *design* is wrong in this area. Whether it should be
fixed in a running game (or how a fix should be implemented) is
another question.

-- Scott T.

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