Re: Common Magic

Patrick McLaughlin (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 15:06:47 -700 (PDT)

Well, if you look at a province with a city, a castle, 6 towers inside,
an inn, a temple and a mine--fully developed, I'll grant you, though you
could have more towers outside, and even a second castle inside the
city--you can get to CIV-7. I can see at least one place where you can
reach well up into the CIV-13 range, reasonably. A lot of work, yes.

But part of this argument is that common magic pays too well NOW, and the
numbers I proposed diminish that. If it's too low, raise the floor from
30 to 50, or whatever.

It has the advantage of making common magic in places that _are_ highly
developed, rare and the locus of a lot of people and hard work more

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