Re: Should the _Times_ be anonymous?

Jay Gischer (
Tue, 23 Aug 94 11:34:18 -0700

Rich Skrenta writes:
> > Of course, suggestion 2 (include ID of char credited) won't work without
> > another change. Forgers will just credit whoever they want folks to
> > believe really posted it. You'd have to change the format to:
> >
> > Subject: credit <id#> <password>
> Another way of donig it would be to have the Times submissions
> come from inside the turn orders, as POSTs currently do. Thus,
> you get the goldd when you issue your TIMES order, and it's
> attributed to the character that issued the order.

But this means that the GM can't preprocess Times submissions, which
makes the turnaround time for the turn longer.

Scott Turner writes:
> Unless I'm missing something, Times posts can already be
> authenticated. If you care to sign your name to your posts, people
> can certainly e-mail you and ask "was that really you?", at which
> point you can authenticate the message.
This isn't the same. You could post a message, and then deny posting
it, and thus create a disinformation campaign against yourself, to
garner sympathy or to falsify a causus belli.

Now this sounds like great fun, but it don't sound like authenticated

It seems to me that there already is a mechanism for character-authenticated
messages, namely the MESSAGE command, which also preserves the
anonymity of the faction, and player. Perhaps we could add a MESSAGE
ALL capability. And by the way, may I suggest an ENDMESSAGE command?
This will greatly reduce the number of errors in use of message it
seems to me, versus line counting.

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