Should the _Times_ be anonymous?

David desJardins (
Tue, 23 Aug 94 13:51:02 EDT

Choice (2) doesn't make any sense unless you provide some way to prevent
players from just crediting other players' nobles.

It seems to me that the purpose of the Times is to allow players to post
grey and black press; if you take that away then I'm not sure what the
point in having the Times is at all.

If you want to allow players to sign their postings, but not require it,
you could specify that if the subject reads "credit <unit> <password>",
and the password matches the password for the player controlling that
unit, then the posting is signed by that unit (or by the player, but I
think the unit is better). If no password is given, the posting is

Frankly I think this is all unnecessary; if people want to sign their
postings, they can just sign them, and then not disavow them. Most
people so far don't seem to want to sign them, and that's ok too.

David desJardins

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