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David desJardins (
Mon, 22 Aug 94 20:25:18 EDT

> From: William B Fisher <>

> For other things (which I would never do) such as ship stealing, that's
> needn't wait until person X unstacks, you just repeatedly issue
> stack <ship>
> sail <into the ocean>
> unstack

I don't understand this well enough to refute it. First of all, you
can't stack with a ship; that doesn't make any sense. Do you mean move
onto the ship? What is the purpose of the unstack order?

Secondly, if you write a long sequence of orders which all fail, such as

MOVE <ship>
MOVE <ship>
MOVE <ship>

then they just all trigger one after another, and all fail, so none of
them have any effect unless the first one does.

David desJardins

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