Re: Games and Persona

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 15:46:52 -700 (PDT)

I think that an EXTORT order (a variation of COLLECT <G>) would be

But to do it, someone would have to have a flag set that was effectively
IF EXTORTed, PAY DEMAND. Unless EXTORT is simply a way of enforcing a
demand that has been madea nad agreed to outside the game itself, which
would be reasonable.

On Mon, 22 Aug 1994, Rich Skrenta wrote:

> > "give me 100 gold or I'm going to kill you."
> "give me 100 gold or I'm going to kill you next month."
> :-)
> I think you could fudge something up with a couple of WAITs, but
> agreed that it's a bit awkward.
> If this were really the issue, we'd just add a new command that said
> "Attack so-and-so unless they pay us a tribute". HIT-UP, SHAKE_DOWN,
> etc. :-)
> --
> Rich Skrenta <>

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