Re: Games and Persona

William B Fisher (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 17:54:05 -0400 (EDT)

OK, to both points, seeing into inner locations and conditionals

Seeing inner locations:
see into only specific types of locations, such as towers and buildings,
not cities and caves and islands, etcetera?

My vote is against changing it, except allow GIVE/GET across sublocation

I have one major question, and some points to counter some responses:

To make sailing more efficient? let me point out that sail accepts more
than one direction, to quote the rules:

Multiple destinations .. may be given as arguments to sail. If the first
fails, the next will be tried, until a passable route is found, or sail runs
out of arguments.

I could keep moving forever on the ocean with this, and even maybe get where
I wanted to go.

To know who to attack when, or if to attack at all? This is a harder one
to counter, but I can try to make some comments.

If you are going to attack someone just after they attacked someone else,
it would require quite a bit of coding on Rich's part to make this workable
(or so I think, not knowing anything about the code, but assuming much).

If you are going to attack someone after they have dumped some nobles with
warriors, just wait until the specific noble has left (as I recall, wait
now takes 'not' as an arg, but I could be wrong on this)

For other things (which I would never do) such as ship stealing, that's needn't wait until person X unstacks, you just repeatedly issue
stack <ship>
sail <into the ocean>

As I recall, having not found it in the rules, you cannot unstack from
a ship in an ocean, then, the only problem is the stack
and unstack messages, and I can only assume that as long as the ship
has an owner, the thief cannot stack, so the owner does not get a message
stating that thief tried to stack with owner, and they can't tell until
the ship is gone.

Unless there is some really funky conditional that I'm sure you would
not share with us, I don't see a need for them.

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