Re: Games and Persona

Patrick McLaughlin (
Mon, 22 Aug 1994 15:21:13 -700 (PDT)

Jay and David (I think), make an excellent point. Nobles are _the_
resource that is most limited. The real reason for wanting more NP, for
rescuing nobles, persuading nobles, etc., is to get more.

Garrisons, allowing people to access across location/sublocation borders,
etc. all diminish the value of a noble.

I have one who is all by himself. I somewhat regret the decision to do
that, and will form a new noble at his first opportunity. With the
proposed changes, I think that some of my issues would be dealt with--and
make nobles worth less than they are now.

I'd be willing to see the GIVE/GET order modified, but the others strike
me as being too much convenience--a way of making nobles less critical to

I'd prefer to be inconvenienced, and continue to want to find more
nobles, the Fountain of Spare NPs, etc.


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