Allow GIVE/BUY/etc. across zero time routes?

David desJardins (
Mon, 22 Aug 94 11:18:53 EDT

Dan Corrin <> writes:
> Well, actually your move north, in the example, will work. Currently the
> program will do an "assume move out" first. This is why I suggested it,
> as there is already a precident for an assumed move, in this case
> it is a move in rather than out.

I don't like the assumed moves that presently exist, either. They get
in the way of various sensible strategies. As Rich has said, though,
it's much harder to take things away than to add new things. And I
suppose I can put up with a little inconvenience in order to help people
avoid making mistakes. But there should be a line somewhere.

> I do see one way to inconvience a noble, that is to trick them to move
> out of the structure, however if they do a "wait unit nnnn" before the
> give/etc there will be no problem.

I see dozens of ways to "inconvenience" (or much worse) a noble. Maybe
I will keep them to myself in case this really comes to pass; however
some more public-spirited individuals will probably point them out.

WAIT is not a solution as I hardly want to spend a month doing nothing,

> I believe that the solution to the construction problem alone encourages
> the inclusion of such a option as we are discussing.

No, the solution to that problem encourages an option which solves that
problem. There are several straightforward ways to solve that problem
which don't cause unwanted interactions with other parts of the game.

David desJaridns

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