Re: Inner location security

Thomas Hudson (
Sun, 21 Aug 1994 18:46:55 -0400 (EDT)

> Why not have garrisons for locations, a castle garrison (which is quite
> realistic), a ship garrison (the crew?), etc. They can be created in
> the same fashion as currently implemented. The garrison would not only
> maintain ownership, but provide some defense, and it's maintenance can
> be paid by gold GIVEn to it.
> Now, I do not see an advantage of an inn garrison, but if the inn
> keeper wants it deducted from his revenues, why not.

This I'd love, since I'm trying to build a kingdom with only one or two
factions, but I think for the same reason a lot of people might scream.
Even with six nobles, manpower gets pretty tightly stretched.

Some questions though - if you garrison an inn, where does the money go?
Presumably into the coffers of the garrison, just like with a province.
But then there's nothing to stop somebody from building an inn in
every province, since they no longer need nobles to maintain them all.
This is a bit of an imbalance...

Also, this early in the game, with maybe half-a-dozen castles under
construction but as far as I know none completed, nobody can establish
a garrison.

It also does nothing for merchantmen who don't own a castle, and don't
have any trustworthy allies who own castles. :) (Are you listening,
Rob?) Unless you change the rules for establishing garrisons, and that
might open up a whole new can of worms...


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