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Dan Corrin (
Thu, 17 Mar 94 12:47:14 EST

on Mar 17 12:15:30 "C.M. Yearsley" <> said:
> > out monster lairs etc.) and setting up guilds, marketplaces, etc. Under
> > your system someone can set up a castle and just sit their practicing swordplay
> No they can't! The real currency by which things are valued is surely
> the noble/day. I have no intention to tie up a _noble_ for a _whole_month_
> just to get a few more combat points. I'd be much better off training
> more troops and besides, it's very boring. I think the curent general
> skill system is fine. No, more, I think it's great; it meets players'
> needs and is clean and simple. I think the proposed changes would
> give slightly better behaviour at the price of much more complexity
> and unnecessary detail.

The point is that they can. Regardless of how highly you value your
noble's time, they can be just used to practive, and have a 120, 150
or more combat value without interacting with anyone or anything.
I have a noble in my castle, and he cannot do much beyond sit and
learn skills/practice, as someone has to collect the taxes. Perhaps
if I get a mage who knows scrying, I will set them up in the castle
instead...Otherwise the castle is a time-sink albiet a very profitable

> underground kingdom, and if anyone wants to develop such a game,
> count me in! Let's keep Oly firmly above ground, an area it handles
> very well indeed.
Okay I'll count you in. I am currently designing a game, which will
of course reflect things as I seee them, namely complicated is good,
but the players shouldn't have to worry about the details. There will
be an underground there (working title is ToF [Time of Fantasy]).


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