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Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 17 Mar 94 11:30:50 EST

> Perhaps change the combat training so learning archery gives you say 40
> or 50 straight away, then 1 point/use thereafter.

This is a change I made recently (I thought I sent out lots of mail
about it). Take a look at your nobles who know Archery; they should
all have 50 more missile points than they used to.

> If castles became more,
> "scenic" that would be okay, but they're physically and financially
> plenty as they are.

It would add slightly to their defense, but is mostly a scenic addition.

> There are design reasons though. We'd have two maps - above
> and below ground - that would have very different scales. What would
> it be? Above ground you can more several provinces a turn, but below
> you can only move one or two _rooms_? Ugh. I don't think it would
> fit. I'd like to build - and fight over - and explore - an
> underground kingdom, and if anyone wants to develop such a game,
> count me in!

> I can't see this making sense, but I'm open to further explanation.
> For example, could you tunnel to another province? (No! No!) If not,
> the rooms are too small scale to integrate movement with the above
> ground scale of time and distance.

Agreed that the scale is an issue. I was thinking of allowing several
underground rooms per province. Yes, it would be possible to tunnel
to another province, but it's not clear it would be a faster route --
more likely slower.

Rich Skrenta <>

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