Re: Experience rating for skills

C.M. Yearsley (
Thu, 10 Mar 1994 15:29:33 +0000 (GMT)

> Regarding an unexpectedly short amount of time required to perform
> a particular task, I said:
> > This is your experience speed bonus kicking in. I need to
> > get rid of those experience ratings on skills.

Rich - you've been saying this on and off for ages. Please don't!
I really like having experience. It really helps me to identify
with my nobles more. I've just created a couple of new nobles and trained
then in such a skill mix they diplicate a noble I already had.
The experiance rules mean that instead of 3 clones, I have a master
and two apprentices. To me it makes quite a difference. I don't think
it's unbalancing if inconsistent. If you want to remove the rating
for some skills, okay - or, better, have the title change but it do less
if it seems appropriate (I don't think more practoce should gain any sailing
speed, for example).

> What to do about construction... There are three choices:
> 1. Leave it as it is now: once you know the parent Construction
> skill, you can build anything. I'd have to allow experience
> to accrue on the parent skill.

I'm not uphappy with the way it is now.

> 2. Require a separate subskill for each kind of building.
> This is how it worked in the beginning.

Very bitty. No.

> 3. Make two subskills, one for stone buildings, and one for
> wood buildings. (Dan's suggestion). I like this one best.

I like this too.

Overall, I've been thinking about the game lately, and it seems to have
turned out very well. I went through a perion of boredom, but now the
land ownership rules have come in, and the monsters in interior
locations, I'm having tremendous fun. There have been a lot of
changes to the game; I like just about all of them; well done Rich!

My only grumble is that I was enjoying mapping out the gate system.
Sonce my gate explorer got slaughtered by wilderness baddies, I've explored
little. What's the best way to explore gates? Anyone got any suggestions
on how many guards are needed for safety, and whether a noble with
gatecraft (only) could shift their weight through a gate?

I'd still like an 'evasion' subskill of stealth I could teach my explorers.

Another minor point - how about reducing the carrying capacity of a ship in
proportion to its damage?

What do people think?


Chris Yearsley

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