Re: Land ownership mechanic

Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 21:41:46 EST

> I would add that it should have a "GARRISON"ed province next to it.
> Not just on the same continent.

Doesn't seem to be worth the bother.

> I would prefer that the GARRISON <castle> command creates an entity
> called "Captain of the Guard" or what ever. Now fighting men can
> be given to this new entity that will act as a garrison. Getting
> 10 free soldiers is not good.

That's how it works. You don't get 10 free, you have to have 10 to
initially create the garrison. You can name it later to whatever you want.

> I assume garrisons can be given GIVE orders? What happens if I give
> a garrison some units, later I want to take those units and put them some
> place else?

You TAKE them back.

> What is this PLEDGE command for? It doesn't do anything.
> All it does is change the name on the deed but nothing else.

It gives a noble status without forcing him to stay in a castle.
It lets you consolodate several groups of castles under a single
leader. This isn't so useful for a single player, but could be
interesting for player interaction.

Also, as I said before, once you have a status rating for nobles, uses
will suggest themselves. "Only a king may perform the ritual of Bwahana
on Mount Stink." Instant large-scale interplayer interaction. Once
there are lords and barons and counts walking around, I'll get 10
suggestions a day on gunk I can key off of the status.

Rich Skrenta <>

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