Re: Land ownership mechanic

Dan Corrin (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 16:54:12 EST

on Feb 16 16:32:09 (Rich Skrenta) said:
> Current garrison mechanic:

This seems to be a significant improvment, though it does add a lot
of new orders. (Not that that concerns me).

> GARRISON <castle> installs 10 soldiers as a garrison in a province.
> The castle must be in the same region (on the same continent).
I like the minimum garrison idea...

> Garrisons maintain their soldiers (and any other fighters they are
> given) from the local tax base. 20% of the remaining gold is
> teleported to the castle's owner monthly.

The rest of the gold is spent by the garrison presumably? If I understand
this one would get 56 gold from a normal province (300 tax base - 10*2
soldier maintenance = 280 * 20% = 56 gold) Each additional soldier would
cost 0.4 from the profits allowing a maximum of 150 soldiers in a garrison
> Status (lord, baron, earl, etc.) depends on how many provinces
> own directly owns, or one has pledged.
So a pledged province counts double. I like this idea, as it encourages
cooperation to a point. One can have vassels without loosing any
benefit to the king/overlord/...

Last possible bug: What happens to the a garrison installed in
the province with the castle? Does the owner of the castle still
get the 300/600 gold or does the garrison pre-empt it?


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