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Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 16 Feb 94 15:50:45 EST

Current garrison mechanic:

GARRISON <castle> installs 10 soldiers as a garrison in a province.
The castle must be in the same region (on the same continent).

Garrisons maintain their soldiers (and any other fighters they are
given) from the local tax base. 20% of the remaining gold is
teleported to the castle's owner monthly.

The castle owner may issue a PLEDGE command to another noble
who will be the ruler of the land. The castle owner remains the
administrator or the land. Tax revenue continues to be forwarded
to the castle.

Status (lord, baron, earl, etc.) depends on how many provinces
own directly owns, or one has pledged.

Both the castle owner and the ruler receive location reports
for the garrisoned provinces.

The ruler may issue DECREE HOSTILE or DECREE DEFEND, which
sets the attitudes of the garrison units in every ruled

Forest [cp23], forest

Ruled by: Osswid [5501]


Seen here:
Garrison [c329], garrison, of Castle Mordred [hq76], with ten soldiers.

Rich Skrenta <>

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