Civilization Effects on Markets

David S. Kerven (
Fri, 24 Dec 93 10:40:04 EST

I mentioned this idea briefly to Rich in an earlier email post, but I
think it may be time to throw it out for general discussion. (Of
course, the Xmas break may not be the best of times to generate
commentary, but oh well...)

With the civilization level code in operation, it might be nice to have
it affect the trading as well as determining random encounters. As
a province's civ level rises and falls, the market (if any) in the
province could alter as well. City's would still always have markets,
but provinces that acquire a civ-2 level from being adjacent to a
metrapolis might also spontaneously develop a low level market. Not
too sure on the threshold, but I think a province with civ-2 or better
seems reasonable.

Besides generating new markets, existing markets might change as well.
A civ-4 market might no longer purchase clay pots - such civilized people
would use iron skillets or urns (possibly makable with a unit of iron).
So, clay pots would disappear from the civ-4 market (possibly to appear
at a spontaneous market in one of the civ-2 adjacent regions). Also,
new items might be produced or consumed - maybe blank scrolls could
be purchased at a higher civ rated market.

This has the added benefit of making the markets a little more dynamic
while retaining a certain degree of stability.

The idea is pretty general. The actual mechanics and items involved
are still open for discussion. Any comments?

-dave kerven

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