organizations in Olympia II
Wed, 22 Dec 93 17:32:38 -0500

I think that having some form of groups in Olympia II is going to be
critical to providing goals for players as the game expands. I've haven't
had time to think of all the aspects necessary, but came up with the
following requirements for just about any group system.

- There is a player/noble who is the creator and head of a group

- The group head sets permissions on who can and can not join
. (nobles/factions/all)
- The group head names the group

- The group head gets a list of who is in the group

- The group head gets a message when someone not permitted tries to join
the group.
- Any noble can join/leave the group, joining will only work if that noble
has been permitted.

There are many frills which can and probable should/will be added, but if
you (Rich) are willing to implement these basics, I will create some groups
and see if we can add yet another layer of depth to the game.


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