The great FT debate (revisited)

Joshua Kronengold (
Mon, 13 Dec 93 17:40:08 EST

[I thought this when out several days ago, but I never recieved any replies on
it, and I just got it returned in the mail several times...if it did go out,
I apologize, and wonder why noone responded]

>From what I've been hearing, there are several forms of functionality
desired by folks:

1) It should be possible to hide part of a faction.
2) It should be possible to find the hidden part, using in-game
meathods, at least if you try hard enough.
3) It should be possible for the average player to use permissions on
a faction-by-faction basis, unless the to-be-permitted player
is taking pains to hide the unit(s) in question.
4) The "punish the folks with large factions" idea.[tree stealing] (this may
or may not be important, as there are other mechanisims for this,
, but it has the advantage that it makes internal
4) This should all make some sort of in-game logic.

In addition, there are several points of my own which haven't been brought up

5) There should two basic types of "people who's true alliegence is hard
to find." Those who know their faction (and are deliberately hiding it),
and those who work for their immediate


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