Re: Nail in the coffin

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 7 Dec 93 8:01:30 EST

> Easier just to report the faction of units rather than their immediate
> superior in the tree. I never really saw the point of that.

Uh... This blows away Greg Linahl's goal to hide the ownership of
units. In fact, if no one can see the FT's except the player, then
their sole purpose is for the loyalty check.

> Punting FTs seems to be throwing the bathwater out with the baby. You lose
> a lot of the political possibilities.

Such as?

> I realise that Olympia is tending more towards the 'run around and hit
> people' type game, but I'd rather it didn't.

I don't really agree here. I have a terrible time getting players to
attack one another. Has any player, besides myself, actually attacked
another player in the 57 turns of the alpha test?

Recently I've added the permissions system, which was long overdue, and
some ways to summon new kinds of fighters. But I also improved the trade

What changes do you think have made Olympia more combat oriented?
Do you not agree with these additions?
What non-combat additions would you like to see?

Rich Skrenta <>

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