SOmething other than factions!

William Bruvold (
Mon, 6 Dec 93 16:24:57 PST

Got a good idea for a new construction skill and use ---- ROADS

Let factions build roads between different provinces to cut down on
transportation time between different provinces. Any suggestions on
how much material (and of what kind?) to do this. My own
predilication is to require _ONLY_ manpower as stone requirements
have so far meant that the majority of construction goes on in
Mountain provinces. While this should be the case for castles
(gotta cut big construction stones), most roads built in the
olympian era in history used local materials/construction and did
improve transport.


PS, I also think this will bootstrap political organization up as
road help connect empires, linking, in specific directions,
different provinces and allow for greater control.

(If you really wanted to have fun you can also allow for "toll
roads" which would generate revenue if your noble spent a few days
(say a week) pratrolling the road and collecting taxs from those in
the province who were using the roadway. Using the admit (open to
much discussion) the noble could also restrict use to approved
factions. While this wouldn't keep them from proceeding through the
province ("going overland") they wouldn't benefit from the reduced
transportation days that the road accords users.

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