Re: Replace NP's with Unformed nobles

William Bruvold (
Mon, 6 Dec 93 16:04:17 PST

> I propose the following:
> Remove NP's entirely. The whole idea of NP's is gone.
> Instead, each player has a list of Unformed nobles.
> For instance, a player who used to have 7 NP's would now see:
> Unformed nobles: 1012 2314 3327 3376 3395 4132 4810
> The FORM command takes the number of one of the unformed nobles
> as an argument.
> Orders may be queued at any time for an unformed noble. When
> the unit comes into existence, it will execute those orders.
> Additionally, orders may be queued by a player for any unit
> in the game. If the player acquires control of that unit,
> such as through BRIBE or TERRORIZE, then the unit will execute
> those orders.
> --

And thus I would guess that, as time progresses a new "unformed
noble" becomes available at a certain turn? I like this but now
some questions/observations

1) This means (I would think) that no constraints on forming nobles
during the first turn. Incentive for would be hegemons/jerks is to
go ahead form x nobles on day 1 through day x and then attack on x+1.
Crucial to avoid this is to insure either
a) That only so many unformed nobles can be formed on a particular
b) That the "safe Haven" code is worked out fully and, in fact,
exteneded for at least two squares away from the start city (so that
escape is made more easy.

Otherwise like the idea of
a) doing away with NP restrictions on all but the most
difficult/hard _casting_ of spells (assuming that the constraint is
important for game balance; NP costs for high level spells both
restricts their use and reduces incentive for first gainer to
indescrimenatly use).

b) also like the idea that units can issue orders for the month they
are formed. Will speed up game "development" if turns are reduced
to once a week (thus avoiding 30 days of stacked/do nothing


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