Re: Cost of building castles?

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 6:29:20 EST

> The cost of building castles is just right. It's possible for a
> single player to build one (with great effort) and not too hard at
> all for an alliance.
> I like having difficult tasks that encourage cooperation between players.

I've gotten several comments echoing this sentiment. I won't be making
castle building easier. However, I was thinking that 1,200 gold profit
per month is a bit high for a castle owner. I don't want the return to
be out of line with the expenditure.

One interesting idea that's been suggested is to allow a castle to
have an influence over more than one province. For instance, allow a
guard unit stationed in a province adjacent to a castle province to
collect taxes in the castle's name.

Then a second, cheaper kind of building could allow tax collection, but
without the multi-province feature.

It might then be wise to drop the 2X tax base growth that a castle causes.
So a single castle or fortress/manor/whatever would collect 300(+300) gold
from a province(city). The castle could augment this by empowering designated
guards to collect taxes in the neighboring regions.

(Say, one could then let the designated guard units issue the designation
command for guard units in their remaining unguarded provinces. One then
gets an interesting spread of power out from a castle. Hmmm. This may all
be too wierd, though.)


Rich Skrenta <>

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