Re: Battle magic

C.M. Yearsley (
Mon, 15 Nov 1993 16:27:12 +0000 (GMT)

What are the arguments against using the current magic system? We could
have a school of Battle Magic as we do Scrying, Magic, etc. I'm not even
sure we'd need that....we could have subskills of Artifact Construction
that make useful battle items, perhaps some that need lots of mana,
or a Combat skill, to use. We could put battle-useful things in Scrying
("Know Enemy Tactics", improves initiative or something). Assassinating
nobles in battle could be a Stealth skill, perhaps with a high-level
spell (make Boots of Silence, 1 use only) to help improve its success

The main problem is that combat takes almost no time, and is unpredictable,
although for objects this is not a problem. For spells they would have to
be 'continuous' spells; spending a number of mana a turn on a 'warning'
spell could give that stack a chance of an initiative advantage in the
first combat found, say.

I rather like the idea of battle 'objects'. It opens the possibility of
going on a mini-quest to get the ingredients, and creates something
to hide, lie about and fight over.

My main reason to suggest enhancing the current spell-lists with combat
is a desire to make 'magician' a better career. At the moment there seem
few skills that can be used to make money or to make the mage's services
desirable to someone else. This does seem a weakness - although I've seen
few enough 'advanced' spells to make is possible I've missed some good
ones we have already!

I'm not proposing any 'zap-whole-army' kind of magic; rather lots
of 'service' spells where we can make potions, spells and objects
to enhance other skills.

This is not to say I don't like Rich's recent proposal - I was just
wondering if the above scheme had been considered, and discarded
for any reason.

Chris Yearsley

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