Re: Civilixed play

Steve Chapin (
Fri, 02 Oct 92 06:25:19 EST

Greg writes:
>> I guess my fundamental point about obituaries is that they are easy to
>> program compared to automated rumors, and basically have the same
>> effect. The biggest problem that I see with the game right now is the
>> infinite volume available at markets. Second biggest is automatic
>> attack in the form of unfriently and hostile attitudes.

In regards to your second problem: Do you mean that auto-attack
doesn't exist, or that the concept of it is bad?

Speaking as a lawman (Sorry, Oleg :-), I need auto attack. I also
need the ranger skill that says "Track XXX," which will follow XXX if
XXX moves. Then I can send Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner out to
hunt down Van Owen (never mind, if you don't listen to Warren Zevon

For the sake of the forgetful or unconvinced among us, what is wrong
with auto-attack?



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