Fri, 02 Oct 1992 16:55:52 +1200

Having just caught up on the previous few days discussion I am

a. In favour of small random variations

b. Would prefer that obituries be left to the players to write and
send into the news.

c. In the event of an ambush the PCs should be aware of the ambush
only if somebody of the ambushed party escaped.
If there are no escapers then the PC would need to send a scout to
the area to listen for rumors. Probability or rumors being heard
would be dependant upon the population in the area that the ambush
took place.

Note: Does this imply that there would be command GOSSIP or would
the listening of rumors be a Stealth type skill????

Note 2: If there is going to be rumours generated by the program it
should then be possible for PCs to plant rumors.

Richard Peters / Son of Wulf

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