Re: Mapping

Rob McNeur (
Fri, 18 Sep 92 09:38:30 GMT+12:00

I preferred the original crude ascii map showing general world outlines.
I think that anyone who wants to maintain their own individual detailed map
of provinces, regions and features should need to do this themselves.
Providing everyone with a complete map of the world, or even part of the
world, only makes them lazy.

I believe that part of the fun of the game was exploration, and the fun of
going where no-one has gone before, mapping and exploring it, and only
sharing this with the trusted few.
While there are no complete public maps, there is room for all sorts of
private development, empire building etc, which quickly vanishes once the
territories become overrun with other players and the place becomes public.

Kaspar [581]
Aka Rob McNeur

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