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Fri, 11 Sep 92 16:16:44 EDT

I kind of missed out on the early part of this thread, so I'm not
exactly sure what everyone has said. However, I'm not exactly sure if
I'm keen on the ideaof an automated god dispensing punishment and
justice. The focus of this game should on the players themselves,
their factions, and the alliances that they make, not on any
computer-controlled entities that Rich might make. I'm not even too
sure that the religions of Olympia should be one of the game's high

However, if its religion you want, I propose removing the idea of gods
altogether and replacing them with a human priesthood. Priests would
basically study their own kind of clerical magic (for some possible
spells, see below), which would basically work only/be much more
effective in temples, but instead of this magic depending on the
caster's skill level entirely, this priestly magic would depend more
on the number and size of temples dedicated to that paritcular
god/religion, the number of units declared as worshippers, and
perhapsw any other units "praying" (assisting) in the same area.

Of course, to build a powerful religion would require several factions
pooling their rsources to build temples and the like, and "donations"
would be needed to make temple guards, pay for priests' studies, etc.,
making this set up something like a guild. However, even if you don't
like the idea of guilds, you make make a priest of your own, declare
the rest of your faction supportive, and have your own little religion
with a mendicant preisthood of one.

As for spells, here are a few possibilties:

Some of the existing magic spells can be adapted to priestly use
(I'm thinking mainly of heal and the weather control spells)

In addition, we might have things like:
Preach/Convert- This would raise the loyalty of anyone declared to the
preacher's religion andlower the loyalty of any non-believers (leading
to an eventual conversion to the priest's faction).

Cause Plague- wouldn't be contagious or as virelent as the one going
around now, though.

Smite- This would be the ol' bolt from the blue. Since it would be too
poweful to have it kill someone, instead it can just paralyze them (no
move/no actions/no idle) for a month or two.

Bless-cast on a unit/units, it increases the efficiency of any actions
that unit takes in the next month or so (fighting, mining, etc.)

Curse-the opposite of bless.

Also, having religions based upon factionalized alliances
wouldincreses the role-playing potential of Olympia. Just think about
it: Schisms! Heretics! Iconoclasm! Holy Wars! Bans on Street
Prosletyzing! Pamphleteering in the Times! Yes, religion in fantasy
games is just loads of fun!


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