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Sea Travell

At present I gather there are a range of ships about, all of which require
wind to move.

What I suggest is break the ships into two categories.

Sail, Rowed

This would allow for wind direction to have a greater effect on boat speed.
Whereas at present the wind either blows or it doesn't. No wind no move.

To this end I would propose that the following travell time modifiers be used
for sailing into or with the wind.

Sail Boats
Wind angle to boat Travell Time Modifier
0 degrees 4
45 2
90 1
135 .5
180 .25

Not having had tremendous experience sailing I don't know how realistic
the modifiers are but I am sure that somebody in the internals will.

Rowed Ships.
Wind angle to boat Travell Time Modifier
0 degrees 2
45 1.5
90 1
135 .75
180 .5

For a rowed Ship to operate it will need rowers. These rowers could either
be paid skilled rowers who would give good performance and hence good speed
or they could be slaves (unpaid) and will give poor performance and stuff
all speed. Slaves in this context would be captured people.

This also brings up the idea of another skill class being Mariner. This
skill would be primarily a ocean based skill but if coupled with Builder
would give rise to the enhance production of ships.

Possible Mariner skills would be
Repair Ship
Weather forcast
Harpoon Whales (similar to capture horses)
Capture seabeasts (similar to wild animals)
Capture Ships
Scan Horizon (would need a telescope and would be able to see ships
in adjoining sea areas)

[910] SonofWulf.

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