Re: COMPANIONS proposal (long)

O.Goss. (
Sun, 30 Aug 92 13:34:47 MET DST

What can I say, I know his message is quite old by now, but I do
like much Scott Hauck's COMPANION system. With such a system, you feel like
a family growing, and every action you do is very important, since you have
little groups and development is hard to achieve.
For such a system to be fun for every player, there should be many differents
ways of developping self, some easy, safe, but slow (like a stupid WORK
algorithm) for newbies; and some tricky, faster and riskfull ways for
experienced players in Olympia.
All players can't compete with the same weapons !

I also think that the system of people you pay for performing some jobs
is very nice. It doesn't mean these groups have no loyalty towards you !
A group that stays long with someone and 'likes' him could ask for less
money after some time. Hum, too idealistic ? Maybe.

Well, I like much Scott's ideas, and I had to say it.


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